What do you want your home automation to do?


Where should I start?

Start with the end in mind. What do you want to experience, see or do in your home? Do you want to see a movie in your home cinema, do you want to listen to music in your entertainment area? do you want keyless entry?

What is important to you? security? convenience? energy management?

Once you have answered these questions, call us to map out the process and give you a quote.

 Start small, we guarantee in no time you’re going to love the value of home automation. And you’ll be as hooked on automation as we are!


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What can I use home automation for?

These days there are so many things you can automate around your home, and, honestly, the list feels like it grows every week. Basically, though there are a couple of ‘big bucket’ uses to consider.


Home safety is usually the starting point of discussion for most families. Knowing that you can view security footage through your smartphone, receiving text messages if the alarm has been activated, even getting updates when the kids arrive home from school. We believe the additional peace of mind automating your security can offer your family is one of the key benefits of any home automation consideration… Oh, and a number of the major insurance companies will also provide a lower premium if they know you have additional security measures in place.

 Energy Efficiency:

Let’s face it; utility costs take a significant chunk of change to maintain these days. So a ‘smart home’ is a great way to reduce your energy costs while doing your bit for the planet. Basically, your home automation will allow your energy-hungry appliances only to run when they’re needed, meaning your irrigation system won’t turn on if it’s raining and your lights or air conditioner will only run when they’re needed.

 Cool Factor:

We’re not quite sure why but a significant number of our colleagues in the home automation space don’t want to talk about how cool the whole home automation business is. Maybe it’s a fear of looking pretentious? In the words of all teenagers everywhere ‘whatevers’. We think this industry is super cool, and we love seeing our clients get that stupid kid grin on their faces when they learn all the cool stuff their home automation system will allow them to do… And there has to be some benefit to being a grown up… Right?!

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What do you want your home automation to do?

We think this is the most significant question you need to ask. To figure that out, start with the end in mind. If you could automate anything around your home, what would it be? Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Turn lights on, off or dim them anywhere around the house at any time
  • Water your garden at prime efficiency time
  • Change the music in different rooms, zone the house depending on who likes what music
  • Get your air conditioner to have the house at the temperature you want when you arrive home from work
  • Send you a message when your kids get home from school
  • Get a message if someone comes to your door - then - be able to speak with them
  • Create the home theatre of your dreams
  • Book your tickets to the latest theatre production
  • Give you a foot massage… Ok, that one may be a few years away yet, but we did ask you to dream

Once you've created your wish list, we have a starting point for our conversation. The point is, dream big and let us help you figure out how to achieve what you want.

Ready to get started?

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