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‘Home automation’. It’s a term we are becoming increasingly familiar with.

Think about the ‘OK Google’ or ‘Alexa’ ads. Dad's looking after the kids; they're dancing around the lounge room to music only to realise that Mum has arrived home, so he quickly tells ‘Alexa’ to start the kid's bedtime routine and pretends he’s been reading a bedtime story the entire time… Welcome to the world of home automation.

For us, home automation is so much more. It’s peace of mind. It’s security. It's convenience. And, if we're honest, it’s also just a little bit about the cool factor.

Consider this… Your school age children jump off the bus, wander up to the house and key in their personal entry code. The door opens, and you receive a notification that the kids are home safe and sound.

Or perhaps you’ll use home automation to quickly add an event to your calendar just by talking to your phone. Or maybe you’d like to create your own ‘parents retreat’ by automating the air conditioning and dimming the lights, then making sure your bedroom is playing just the right mix of chilled 80s retro… all while the kids are accessing the latest Spotify playlist in their games room.

Perhaps you want peace of mind knowing you can leave your house at any time, yet at the touch of your phone adjust lighting, (making it look as though someone is at home) or throw some music on in the lounge room. No, it’s not the plot for a ‘Home Alone’ movie, it’s just a handful of the tasks you can set your home automation to take care of.

Maybe you're expecting a delivery, but you know no one is home. No problem! You can even get notified if there is movement detected on a security camera, and let your delivery guy know where to leave your parcel. Or maybe you'd just like to have control over your air conditioning and lighting to ensure the house is just the way you want it before you return home.

Our team has been installing home automation solutions for over 12 years so whatever your reasoning for looking into automated solutions for your home, we’re the people to speak with.

We pride ourselves on providing you with the security and peace of mind we were promised in the science fiction shows when we were children… We may not have the “Back to the Future” hoverboard yet, but we reckon our team can get you pretty close to the autonomous home you’re looking for.

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